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It is a great pleasure to welcome you. At this stage the site is a collection of my writings and media comments over the past decade about my professional interests in long term infrastructure planning and wellbeing of cities and regions. While my focus has been on Australia, I am also interested in issues and challenges on this topic from around the globe.

I am working on improving the site and welcome your return visit.

Fast money for infrastructure

Governments around the world are turning to infrastructure as a way of stimulating economies that have been impacted by COVID. Australia is no exception in this regard and here are some of my remarks that were featured in the Australian press this week.

Infrastructure Stewardship in an era of biological threat

This article was first published by Customer Stewardship Australia in April 2020. http://www.customerstewardship.com Infrastructure the world over has been caught off guard by Coronavirus 19 which has highlighted the unique challenges for infrastructure assets operating in an era of biological threats. Spatial distancing, so critical to controlling the spread of the virus, runs counter toContinue reading “Infrastructure Stewardship in an era of biological threat”

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