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This site brings together a collection of my writings and media comments over the past decade as an analyst, academic and commentator on issues and developments relating to infrastructure specifically and public policy, governance and the impact of long term investment on both people and the planet. I use the term infrastructure to mean those public assets and services that make your modern life possible, transport (roads, rail, maritime and air), utilities (electric, water, gas and telecommunications) and social facilities (like schools, hospitals, sports and recreational services).

For all these things to be done well is no easy task. Nevertheless, most people and businesses are focused and energised to run their own race – investing, taking risks, raising their children, and leaning into their passions. They expect the towns, cities and nations they live and work in to do their job without worrying about the detail; they just expect the infrastructure to work.

There is an enormous trust placed on those responsible for the provision of infrastructure. My work is about retaining that trust and never losing it because I believe the viability and liveability of our societies depend on it. Thus, it may come as no surprise that my research and advocacy confirms what many regular citizens have known for a long time; there is enormous room for improvement and no time to waste.

It is a great pleasure to welcome you.

Transparency First, the key to a better Infrastructure Australia

A version of this article was published on 6 December, 2021 in the Australian Financial Review The underperformance of infrastructure has grown as a serious societal problem. High levels of opaqueness, lack of accountability and monopoly power are to blame. Regrettably, jingoistic nation-building slogans have overtaken infrastructure. It has skewed government to prefer megaprojects, with … Continue reading Transparency First, the key to a better Infrastructure Australia

Fast money for infrastructure

Governments around the world are turning to infrastructure as a way of stimulating economies that have been impacted by COVID. Australia is no exception in this regard and here are some of my remarks that were featured in the Australian press this week.

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