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Garry Bowditch is a global expert on infrastructure, ESG and customer stewardship.

Garry is an infrastructure practitioner, economist and globally recognised thought leader on infrastructure and private capital investment in public assets. He is the Co-Founder of Customer Stewardship Alliance, a boutique advisory service to clients seeking to build trust and co-create ESG (environment, social and governance) opportunities with customers and stakeholders in infrastructure assets and services.

Garry holds several appointments, including at Oxford University as a Member of the ITRC (Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortia) Academic Board; the Infrastructure Steering Committee at the Institute of Civil Engineers in London. He also advises ACTUAL  – a SimCity like solution for addressing ESG and climate change and named TIME’s 100 Best Inventions of 2022. Garry has a unique balance of commercial, government and academic experience spanning Australia, Asia and the OECD.

He forges close and purposeful collaborations with industry and government, both nationally and abroad, to create world-class research-based initiatives that drive public sector reform, industry leadership and new investment opportunities. Garry was the Founding Executive Director of Infrastructure Partnerships Australia and John Grill Institute, University of Sydney, and the Inaugural CEO, SMART Infrastructure Facility. Garry was also a senior Federal Treasury official.

Garry has published widely concerning integrated infrastructure planning and management and is the author of BIG FIXES: Building Bridges to an Inclusive Future. He created a new body of research in customer stewardship for the infrastructure sector. 

Garry advises governments, multilateral institutions and private investors worldwide and regularly speaks at conferences about infrastructure reforms impacting public policy, procurement and commercial practices.


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