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I am pleased to inform you that my new book ‘BIG FIXES: Building Bridges to an Inclusive Future‘ is now available. The book is available in paperback and ebook formats from Amazon bookstores.

An introductory video about BIG FIXES can be viewed here on YouTube.

BIG FIXES was an important project during the COVID lockdowns. During the lockdown, I finally had the headspace to pause and reflect on the ebb and flow of life and the ever-larger institutions that now play a huge part in everything we do. I was further motivated to articulate what so many have expressed to me over the years that our societies urgently need a course correction.  

COVID confirmed what many people, businesses and even some institutions had been quietly thinking about for some time. That is to act on a yearning appetite to find a better way to run the economy, for society to nurture and enhance more respectful social relationships and be more front footed to keeping the planet safe. For me, BIG FIXES is about distilling, being clear-minded to what is precious for our wellbeing and making sure we can recognise them, be compelled to protect and expand them. Most of all to leave none of these to chance for future generations.

A selection of previous academic publications.

Collaborating with colleagues and challenging each other to better understand the consequences of our decisions on future generations is a key to unlocking a better future and leaving worthy legacies from our efforts today.